The Office of Undergraduate Research offers a variety of programs as resources to all undergraduates at Northwestern both for getting started in research and for supporting others who are researching. We offer several different resources.

The Finding a Faculty/Lab Mentor Workshop (Sept-June)

These workshops are available throughout the academic year. Anytime is a good time to get started in research by checking out our hour-long presentation on how to find a faculty mentor if you’re interested in researching an arts, humanities, or social sciences field or how to find a lab mentor if you’re interested in a science, engineering, technology, or math field.  The main difference between these two workshops is that there’s a a couple of slides that are different based on whether you’re looking for a research opportunity in a lab or if you’re looking for one in a non-lab setting.   This is a great first step before you schedule an appointment with an advisor so you know some of the basic steps of getting started and your advising appointment can be tailored to your specific interests.  this presentation is a prerequisite to doing the winter quarter research workshop series.

The Research Workshops Series (Winter Quarter Only)

The world of undergraduate research is very different than the model of taking a class, but we have two programs that are structured a bit like class that can help you get going in research.

First, our Science Research Workshops program focuses on helping those interested in science, engineering, technology, math, or any other lab-based research, including psychology, to get further along the process of entering research.  This program is a great way to learn about entering the lab-based research world and how to navigate it well and write a summer undergraduate research grant (URG) proposal to get funding to support yourself while you do the research project.

Second, the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Research Workshops program helps those interested in pursuing an independent research project in any non-lab field, like the arts, humanities, and social sciences, to create a project, bring together the network of faculty support needed, gather the needed literature to justify the project, and write a grant proposal to apply for summer undergraduate research grant (URG) funding to support them to do the research project.

Fill out an Advising Request to start a conversation with one of our advisors to learn more about whether these are a good fit for you, or come to one of the info sessions. It is never too early to learn more!

Please note: If you are seeking advice on applications for other grant programs offered by Northwestern schools or departments, please contact the administrators of those programs directly.  This Office is unable to provide advising for applications to programs that we do not run. For help with applications for externally funded programs, please contact the Office of Fellowships.

Peer Mentor (PM) Programs (Workshops PM and Summer PM Programs)

Research Workshops Peer Mentors help students with how to get started in the very beginning stages of entering research. In these workshops, we talk about different strategies to search for faculty and labs, find potential mentors, communicate effectively with those you have identified, and – if a participant so chooses – apply for summer undergraduate research grant funding to support them to do the research project.  We have a science, engineering, technology, math -lab-focused research workshop series (SRW) and an arts, humanities, social sciences research workshop series (AHSS).  These workshop series meet on a weekly basis all winter quarter long and both have peer mentors who work with students in those workshop series.


Research Peer Mentors help develop a positive and engaged community of student researchers at Northwestern as ambassadors for the Office of Undergraduate Research, and help students navigate the undergraduate research process, focusing particularly on the cohort of summer URG winners. Research peer mentors serve during Spring, Summer, and Fall Quarters. Mentors will have the opportunity to work with faculty and staff within the Office of Undergraduate Research and gain mentoring experience.