Conference Travel Grants

CTGs fund 50% of your expenses (up to $500) to present your research or original creative work at a conference.


Submit your application at any time before June 1st, but before the actual travel takes place.  Please wait to apply until you have your acceptance from the conference/event.


Open to all Northwestern University undergraduate students.  Students are eligible for more than one Conference Travel Grant.  See also Group Projects, below.


NU-Q students: Since conference travel is significantly more expensive from Doha, the grant, if awarded, would cover hotel, flight, and conference registration costs. Student travel normally does not include providing a per diem or any additional funds for visa fees, individual meals, ground transport, or other incidentals. If the student is on financial aid, he/she can request a reasonable stipend to cover food and other minor incidental expenses. NU-Q students residing in the U.S. at the time of the conference will be awarded at the same rate as all other NU-E students; that is, the OUR grant will cover 50% of conference expenses, up to $500. 


Conference Travel Grants

Undergraduate Research and Arts Exposition

Best Advice from Faculty


What It Is: 

Money to help you go present your scholarly and creative projects, including at juried competitions for performance based disciplines. Going to conferences can help you communicate your research findings, network with other researchers, and expand your understanding of the scope and nature of academic research.  Plus, it is great experience in learning to effectively present your work to others.

To apply, you’ll provide:

  • an abstract of your work (your name must appear on it)
  • proof of acceptance to present at the conference
  • information about the conference’s standing in the field
  • an explanation of how you’ll cover the other 50% of the expenses

You will combine it all together into a single PDF, which you will upload with your application. 

Please do not apply until you have received your acceptance from the conference/event.

What It Isn't: 

CTGs cannot reimburse you for expenses for a conference you already attended.

This grant is only for 50% of your total expenses. You’ll need to find money for the other half. WCAS students can apply for their conference grant.  SESP students could apply to the Hess Fund. Students from other schools could reach out to their undergraduate dean and/or their major department to see if additional funding si available.

You won’t write a traditional research grant proposal to apply. You won’t turn in receipts or a report at the end.

This grant can’t be used to support more than one person presenting a project.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.  Your application must be submitted before you attend the conference.


Anywhere there’s a recognized regional, national, or international conference or meeting in your field.

Check the international projects page for important information on travel restrictions.

Faculty Role: 

Faculty can give you awesome ideas about where to present your work.

Sponsors/advisors are not required to attend the conference with you, but they will provide an endorsement of your application.


  • Who can endorse you?

Your recommender can be a faculty member either at Northwestern or another university. Post-docs and graduate students may not endorse you.

If your recommender is not affiliated with Northwestern, contact as soon as possible to arrange outside access to the application system.

  • Endorsements are submitted online after you submit your application.

For important specific information for faculty endorsers, please go to Info for Faculty.


Contact us with questions at

Selection Process: 

Complete applications, including budget and faculty endorsement, are reviewed internally at the Office of Undergraduate Research (as opposed to committee review).

Decisions are made quickly (within about a week). You have an excellent chance of being awarded this grant.

Group Projects: 

While the research may have been group in nature, you must be the primary presenter in order to be eligible to apply. Only one student will be supported for each presentation.  For example, grants may not be used to fund multiple students jointly presenting a poster or for a group performance.