Info for Grant Winners

This information applies to students receiving grants from the Office of Undergraduate Research. If you are an Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP) student or faculty, please see the page on Help for Faculty and Student Participants of URAP.


The Basics

  • Grants are paid to undergraduate students through the same channel as employees get paid by the University.
  • Grants are paid out on the last day of the month when students complete all requirements (including requirements for human subjects and international projects) by the mid-month deadline.


Your To-Do List


Complete and submit a URG Award Form.



Note: The Payroll Office serves the entire university and does not notify us if you complete any of the below steps there (as opposed to in our office). If you do not respond to emails from the Office of Undergrad Research or submit paperwork directly to the Payroll Office (as opposed to turning it into our office), there will be a delay in you getting paid!

  1. I-9. Students who are new employees, or have not received a paycheck from the University in the last 4 1/2-6 months, must complete the I-9 eVerify process.
  • Go to Northwestern’s I-9 Service Center. Enter your information as a new employee. For School/Area, select 'Central Administration.' For Department/Center, select '0008 Undergraduate Research Office.'
  • You will complete the I-9 eVerify process in person at the Payroll Office (1800 Sherman 3rd floor, Suite 3500 (8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri). Acceptable documentation can be found HERE, and you must bring original identification documents with you. Federal regulations do not allow us to accept copies or photos. 

When you come to do the I-9 eVerify process, bring the forms listed below as well.

  1. Personal Data, Federal and Illinois Employment, & Child Services forms. Fill out these forms and bring them in person to the Office of Undergraduate Research.
  1. Direct Deposit:

    Directions for entering Direct Deposit information into myHR

    1. Log into myHR with your active NetID and password:
    2. Choose “Pay” then “My Direct Deposit.”
    3. Enter your date of birth to confirm your identity.
    4. Enter one (or more) financial institution’s routing and account numbers.
    • Click “No” to the prompt about off-shore accounts unless all the funds are going to an off-shore/foreign bank account. If they are, please reach out to

For assistance while entering your Direct Deposit in myHR, please contact the myHR Help Desk at 847-467-4800 or**NOTE: if you are unable to access the above (e.g., browser keeps reloading, no "Pay" tab is visible), make a calendar reminder for June 19-21 to set up the direct deposit in myHR then**


For assistance in-person, you may come to the Operations and Payroll office on either campus (720 University Place, Evanston or Abbott Hall, 8th floor, Chicago) or contact

4. International students. Compliance with the Foreign National Information System is required of all foreign national individuals being paid through the university's payroll system. International students will therefore complete the FNIS Request Form, if applicable.



If you have any questions about your current status as an employee of the University, questions about the I-9 process or about the employment forms, please contact Peter Civetta.


Special Notes

International Students:

Compliance with the Foreign National Information System is required of all foreign national individuals being paid through the payroll system. This includes students receiving assistantship or scholarship income (stipends). Complete the FNIS Request Form if applicable.

International students without a U.S. issued taxpayer identification number (ITIN or SSN) will have 14% federal taxes come from these payment, also any students with a  U.S. issued taxpayer identification number ​whose country does not have a U.S. tax treaty or are not eligible for the tax treaty will automatically have 14% federal taxes taken out of their grant.


Although grants are paid through the Payroll Office, most students will not have taxes withheld or wages reported on Form W-2 at the end of the year. The grant or portions of it, however, may still be taxable income. Generally you must report to the IRS all amounts paid that are not used for qualified expenses (tuition, books, etc.). Please refer to IRS Publication 970. The Office of Undergraduate Research cannot offer tax advice to students.