Faculty Endorsements Using the OUR Application System


When a student applies to a grant program in the Office of Undergraduate Research and s/he indicates you as endorser, you will receive an automatic email with a link into the online application system.  Log in with your NetID and password. We have the least technical glitches with Firefox

  • When you log in, you should see a grid with your student’s application. 
  • Click on the proposal title to see a PDF of the application. 
  • Click on “Endorse” in the Action Required column to open the endorsement field.  
  • We do not accept formal letters of recommendation; instead you will have four questions to complete (specific questions listed below by program in the FAQ section). 
  • You have the equivalent of 1 ½ single spaced pages in each box (4,000 characters). 
  • We recommend that you write your answers in a separate document and then cut/paste them into the online form. This way if an unforeseen technical glitch occurs you won’t lose your work.
  • All endorsements should be written after you have reviewed the student’s proposal.

You will receive automatic response emails from the system when you have successfully completed a task.  If you don’t receive an email after 15 minutes or receive an error message, please contact your program’s administrator for assistance.


Below in the FAQ, you will find the specific endorsement questions asked by each program along with an overview of how the program works.