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Northwestern University's Undergraduate Research & Arts Exposition and Creative Arts Festival

This yearly event celebrates the amazing accomplishments and discoveries of Northwestern undergraduates.  Projects can include everything from a lab write-up to a creative performance.

Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (CAURS)

CAURS is a conference run by students from six Chicago-area schools.  Students from all Chicago-area schools are invited to attend and present at the symposium, and abstract submissions from all academic disciplines are welcome. The day-long event consists of multiple poster sessions featuring all student participants as well as oral presentations from a number of students selected to give talks.


Talk to faculty about conferences within your field. Learn about funding from Conference Travel Grants.



Check out NURJ, the Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal.

Check out the student-run online journal, Student Pulse.

Ask your faculty advisor about the possibility of having your work published in professional journals. 



Your experience as an undergraduate researcher might make you a great candidate for a fellowship.

Contact Northwestern University’s Office of Fellowships.