Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Workshop

Every year we run a program called the Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Workshops. Of the students who participated last year, all but one got funded to do a project that they created with a Summer Undergraduate Research Grant!  These projects included people writing plays, art history, journalism, and education research to name but a few!  Now, it is your turn!

This year's workshops will help you how to figure out what research looks like in your discipline, brainstorm and develop your own ideas, and then write a strong grant proposal. The Summer URG funds projects in all disciplines, and we regularly fund arts students doing creative projects.  You can also learn how to find a faculty mentor to work with as a Summer Undergraduate Research Assistant.  So if you want to get paid to do a project of your choosing, then your best shot is to to participate in these workshops!  They are run by the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, so they will be full of crucial information that can help you develop your ideas and get them funded!


The workshop will meet on Tuesday, January 14th and 21st from 5-6:30pm and then on Mondays at the same time for the rest of Winter Quarter.  Email Peter Civetta for more information. 






We will do our best to accommodate all interested students. 



Undergraduates in arts, humanities, or social science disciplines.


What It Is: 

This program will provide research-development guidance, offering a space to brainstorm and develop your ideas for your own research. 

Workshops will run weekly in the Winter Quarter, and they will address topics including examining one’s interests, developing a research question, finding and reviewing relevant literature (with guidance from faculty), identifying and communicating with appropriate faculty, identifying and thinking through methods (with guidance from faculty), and either preparing a solid proposal for the Summer URG or for working with a faculty mentor on a Summer URAP.


The workshop will meet once a week from 5:00 - 6:30 pm,.  It will start on Tuesday, January 14th and 21st, and then it will switch to Mondays for the rest of winter quarter.


If you're interested and cannot attend, please email Peter Civetta


Email Peter Civetta for more information.