How to Apply


(Unless you are applying to be a Peer Research Mentor! In which case, check your invitation email for application instructions.)


For best results, use Firefox.

Log in with your NetID and Password.


(find grant-specific details at bottom)

All applications are due by 11:59pm on the date of the deadline.

  1. After log-in, you’ll see a grid with any applications you have submitted.  If you have never used this system, it will be empty. 
  2. Click “Apply” on the left hand side to see the list of programs currently accepting applications. 
  3. Click “OUR: Office of Undergraduate Research.”
  4. Click on the program title to open the application.
  5. Complete the basic information first, and then save a draft.
  6. Access your draft through the link above, finding your application in the grid.


Many applications require faculty endorsements. Be sure to contact faculty well before the application deadline to give them sufficient time to prepare their endorsements.  You will supply the faculty member’s NetID on your application.  To find someone’s netid: Using the online directory, follow the link that says “You can also display additional technical details about people and NetIDs.” Then click on ‘display more’ to see their full details including the netid.


  1. After searching by name, click {More} to find the NetID.
  2. If you are off campus, you will need to be logged in via VPN
  3. When you type the NetID into your application, hit tab, and then wait for a few seconds.  The system uses the NetID to pull other data, and it can take a moment.

After you submit your application, the system will email the faculty member a link for submitting the endorsement .

Uploads (Proposals, Abstracts, etc.)

  • Only PDFs are allowed for grant applications. * In most cases, you can only upload a single document.  If multiple items are required for the application (such as a proposal, budget, and list of interview questions), combine them into a single PDF before upload.

*Abstracts for the Undergraduate Research and Arts Expo must be uploaded as .rft, .doc, or .docx documents.

  • When you save drafts of your application, the system will not save uploads.  Only upload your file when you are ready for final submission.

What Happens at Final Submission

When you submit the application (via the button on the left hand side), you will get one of two system responses:

1) An error message that there were some problems with your application.  The errors will be highlighted in red; please review and correct them before you resubmit.  Remember to re-do your upload as it will not have been saved.

2) If there are no errors, you will be sent to a survey site.  Doing the survey is a requirement to complete your application.

Automatic System Emails

All steps of the application process will generate automatic emails. 

  • You will receive one within 15 minutes of your successful submission. 
  • Your faculty sponsor/advisor will receive an automatic email with a link into the system. 
  • You will receive an email when s/he has completed the endorsement.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive an email containing a link back into the system to formally accept your grant.


Send system issues and questions to

Send a screen shot of any error message you receive.