Oral Presentations at the Expo

The Basics

The 2020 Undergraduate Research Expo will be held in a virtual format. Oral presentations will be hosted via asynchronous platform over two days, Wednesday, May 27, 8:30AM CST-Thursday, May 28, 5PM CST.

A limited number of applicants are selected by the Expo Steering Committee to give an oral presentation. If you want to be considered for an oral presentation, indicate this on your application.

  • Projects chosen are curated into themed panels led by a faculty moderator.
  • Oral presentations are 8-10 minutes long.
  • Free lunch is available to all in attendance.
  • Presenters are required to attend two presentation workshops prior to the Expo.

Presenters gain the ability to share and get feedback on their work, and via the presentation workshops get concrete feedback about how to more successfully communicate with others (an important life skill). 



Abstracts/applications are submitted through our online application system.  The deadline is April 26, 2020.


All oral presentation panelists are required to attend two workshops.  The first workshop will focus on how to take your large project and fit it into a short talk.  In the second workshop, you will deliver your talk and receive individualized feedback on how to communicate more impactfully.

Guide to Writing an Abstract for the Expo

Questions? Contact Peter Civetta.



There is a moderator and a judge at each panel session. One presenter is chosen from across all the panels as the day’s winner.