Congratulations to our Expo 2015 Winners!

Poster Presentation Judge Winners:


Sciences and Engineering

1st — Ebony Calloway, “Musical Notation without a MIDI”

1st — Kayleen McMonigal, “Calcite Rafts of the Yucatan Peninsula: An Expanded Paleo Sea Level Record”

2nd — Paul Lee, “Solution Conformations of Chiral Mannich Bases”

3rd —  Alekya Rajanala, “Long Distance Homonymous Hemi-Macular Retrograde Degeneration of the Visual Pathway: A comparison of Anterior and Posterior Visual Pathway Lesions”


Social Science and Humanities

1st — Ben Bernstein, “Memory Routines for the Transformation of Visuopatial Representations”

1st — Lola Less, “Thinking Out Loud: The Internalization of Speech and its Role in the Development of Silent Reading”

2nd — Olivia Seligman, “Comparing Female and Male College Student Leader’s Aspirations for Future Leadership Positions”

3rd — Alexander Baum, “Family Board Game Play: Parent-Child Interactions and How to Turn Up the Heat on Children’s Learning”



Sciences and Engineering

1st — Michelle Ferber and Chris Howard, “Point-of-Care Nucleic Acid Test System and Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Testing for Limited Resource Settings”

2nd — David Heydari, “High Power Quantum Cascade Lasers with Angled Cavities”

3rd — Grace Phelps, “Investigating Tissue-Specific Activity in C. elegans Polyglutamine Models”


Social Science and Humanities

1st – Jonathan Cohen, “Friday Post-Earning Drift Revisited”

1st — Elizabeth Fillion, “The Real Paleo Diet: Meat as a Component of Australopithecus robustus Nutrition”

2nd — Billy Morrison, “Identifying the Theoretical Model that Best Describes Human Decision-Making Under Uncertainty by Empirically Analyzing Repsonses to Shifts and Rescaling”

3rd — Jason Smith, “A Synthesis of Large Carnivore Management and its Application to Illinois: Black Cears; Gray Wolves, and Cougars”

3rd —  Karen Wilber, “Family and Religion in Cochabamba; Bolivia”


Panel Presentation Judge Winner:

Jacqueline Torgerson, “The Liberating Consciousness of Radical Hip-Hop: Going Beyonf the Culture Industry”

Creative Arts Festival Judge Winners:

1st — Kalina Silverman, BIG TALK

2nd — Katherine Scott, Traditions

3rd — Katherine Nagasawa &  Leah Varjacques, Beyond the Seal

People’s Choice Award Winners:

Morning Poster SessionAlex Lin, “Classifying the Severity of Grain Boundary Erosion in CoCrMo Biomedical Implants”

Afternoon Poster SessionMichael Ferber & Chris Howard, “Point-of-Care Nucleic Acid Test System and Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Testing for Limited Resource Settings”

Creative Arts FestivalJen Reese, Ascent

Day-Of Event Publicity Winner:

Yujin Maeng, “The Asian American Political Incongruity: Disillusioned with the Vote”