Summer URG Submission Checklist

Proposal Formatting

  • Two pages
  • Single-spaced (NOT 1.15 spaced)
  • 1-inch margins on all sides
  • 12 point Times New Roman OR 11 point Arial font
  • No space between paragraphs (see Line and Paragraph Spacing in Word)
  • In order to save space, you do not need to put your name or title on the proposal document, as that information will appear on the application form.
  • Proposals that do not meet these formatting expectations may not be considered by the review committee.

Proposal Topics

  • You have introduced your project in the first paragraph.
  • Your background and literature review covers what is known about your research topic and what you will contribute to the topic.
  • Your methodology describes how you are getting information or data.
  • Your methodology describes how you will USE the information or data you gather to answer your question.
  • You have a paragraph describing how you have (or will learn) the skills needed for your project.
  • You end on a statement of how your research will help you with your academic or career goals.

Post-Proposal Attachments

  • If you are going to interview specific people or travel to a specific place to find them, you have an appendix providing proof that you have contacted those people (and that they have agreed to collaborate with you).
  • If you reference a figure in your proposal, it is attached (DO NOT use figures to explain your concepts completely).
  • If you are conducting interviews or surveys, you have an appendix providing the questions you will ask.
  • If you will interact with human subjects or data from human subjects, you have attached your CITI training certificate (see Northwestern IRB).
  • You include your list of referenced works or any endnotes from your proposal.
  • Post-proposal appendices do not count towards the proposal's two page limit.

Faculty Endorsement

  • You have informed your faculty endorser that you are applying for a URG.
  • You have provided them with the link to the Faculty Endorsement page of the Office of Undergraduate Research website, which contains the endorsement questions and instructions.
  • You have informed them that they must submit their endorsement within 72 hours of the deadline.
  • You have obtained their netID, which you will need to enter when submitting your proposal online.  If you are on campus (or on VPN), you can use the NU people directory, but you must click on the “additional technical details” link before you search.  (If your endorser is from another university, contact the URG Coordinator ASAP to obtain a temporary netID for them.)

Final Notes

  • Review the online submission form ahead of time to ensure you have all of the information you need.  The deadline is 11:59 PM.
  • When you submit your application, you MUST complete the survey, or your proposal will not go through to the system.