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Office of Undergraduate Research

Videos - Research In...

Welcome to our collection of short videos designed to help you choose what might be the best approach to your topic. 

For some projects, it is immediately clear what methodology or approach you should take; however, you may not know what the initial steps are in the process.  If so, these videos are for you. 

For some projects, you might not be sure what approach may be best; you may be able to look at a problem through archival work or through ethnographic interviews, for example. If so, then these videos can help you learn about what is involved in each method, and see which is best to help you learn what you want to know.

Use these videos as a jumping off point, learning what you can do next to make your ideas come to lfe.   

Learn from Professor Peter Hayes about using historical archives to make the past come to life.

Learn from Professor Jules Law about using the techniques and methodologies of literary criticism to open up new ideas.

Learn from Professor E. Patrick Johnson about using performance in your research and Performance Studies to understand the world around us.

Learn from Professor Helen Schwartzman about ethnographic methods of interviewing and participant observation in research.

Learn from Professor Ann Gunter about archeological field work and how field work turns into the study of human culture.

Learn from Professor Rifka Cook about using language and language study to help understand different cultures.