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Office of Undergraduate Research



Juliana struggles to find worthwhile summer plans, while Kirsten opens the idea of doing undergraduate research. Alvin's missions to display the negative effect of extreme amounts of caffeine not...


Kirsten's summer plans seem to be coming together quickly, while Juliana is still struggling to get started. Oblivious to it all, Alvin takes them on an adventure that ends up getting them thrown...


Kirsten hits a roadblock when she learns all of the literature she needs to review to get her project together. Juliana goes to see a faculty member connected to the project she wants to do, but...


Alvin and Juliana try to cheer Kirsten up as she stresses about her literature review, but she is not to be consoled. She retreats to the library, creating a book igloo where Grant Man demystifies...


While Alvin uploads his parkour video to raise money for his new project idea, Juliana and Kirsten struggle with writing their research grant proposals. Feeling overwhelmed, Grant Man mysteriously...


Alvin finally discovers his parkour plans are a disaster and decides to make a last minute run at getting a grant for his throwing muffins game design idea. He enlists Juliana and Kirsten to help...


Alvin, Juliana, and Kirsten wait anxiously to hear word on their fate from the dreaded Review Committee. Will Juliana get to go to Bolivia? Did Kirsten explain what she will do in her lab clearly...

Ever wonder what American Studies actually is?  Allow Professor Jan Radway to explain, and show why it might be right for you.

Want to make a documentary film? Professor Kyle Henry takes you through the key steps involved to get you going on the right track.

Is there actually research in literary criticism?  Professor Jules Law explains how the field works and what great opportunities it can offer you.

Does anyone really know what Performance Studies is?  Professor E. Patrick Johnson sure does, and he can explain how it can open up your world.

What exactly do historians do?  Professor Peter Hayes explains the incredible opportunities undergrads can have in the field.

Can undergrads really do ethnographic research?  Professor Helen Schwartzman shows you that you can and how to get started.


You can’t do research just by watching performances, can you?  Professor Liz Son shows you how it is done and how it might change your worldview.

How can you impact world health issues as a student?  Professor Bill Leonard takes you through the steps to get started.

Only religious people study religion, right?  Professor Cristina Traina shows how religion impacts everyone and how studying it could help explain how the world works.

Aren’t being involved in a community and doing research two separate things?  Let Dan Lewis and Rob Donahue show you how to combine your interests and passions together.


How do you do research in politics?  Professor Rachel Riedl explains the many paths available and how to travel down them.

Wait, what is dramaturgy...and does theater really have history?  Learn from Professor Dassia Posner about worlds with plenty of opportunity.

Can students really make an impact on issues like education reform?  Professor Jim Spillane offers insights in how to get started to make meaningful contributions.

Ever wanted to go to an archeological site?  Professor Ann Gunter explains how to get digging.

Can learning a language lead you to research opportunities?  Professor Rifka Cook shows you how to link language and culture.

Hmmmm, money to do whatever you want?  Sounds good to me.

What’s the big deal about doing research anyway?  Click and learn, people.  Click and learn.

What students actually did (as opposed to what they were told to do).

Creative arts and humanities students doing research?  Yep, hear what they did.

Our two day conference of research posters, student talks, and a Creative Arts Festival.  Plus, you get training in how to become a better presenter.

What students think they’re doing, and why it is important.

Hear what students have done with research grants in these fields.

Hear what students have done with research grants in these fields.

Students worked on faculty research and learned how to do their own work in the process.

Hmmmm, money to live abroad and learn a foreign language?  Yes, please.


You got your research accepted at a conference?  Awesome, let us pay for it.

Everything you need to know in one tidy video?  Check.

If you just have an idea, or even vague interest, this video can help get you started on the path of putting together a project.

Hear from a recent grad about how research doesn’t always go as planned, but the amazing, unexpected lessons you can learn from it.

If your project involves working with people, you may need approval by the Institutional Review Board.  Learn from an expert about how to navigate that process.

Doing research abroad can open the world to you, but it comes with specific challenges.  Learn how best to approach a project abroad.

The library is more than just books.  It has people that can make the research process much simpler.  Take advantage of the help being offered!