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Office of Undergraduate Research

New Research Assistant Position Available on Zen and the Art of Modern Corporate Productivity

Sociology and Asian American Studies Associate Professor Carolyn Chen is looking for a research assistant for her project, "Zen and the Art of Modern Corporate Productivity: Asian Religions and Instrumental Spirituality." This project is funded through the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program, offering $9.50/hour to work with faculty on their research.

Corporations today like Google and General Mills use Asian spiritual practices, such as meditation and mindfulness, to enhance the creativity, productivity, and well-being of its professional workers. This project describes and analyzes how corporations employ spirituality in the workplace, and asks what are the individual, social, and religious consequences of this usage. I will research this phenomenon by conducting in-depth interviews with individuals in the corporate sector who participate in and promote these programs. I will also observe settings where corporate spirituality is taught and practiced, such as workshops, classes, and retreats. Finally, I will analyze the content of Fortune 200 company websites and literature for the last ten years to identify which companies have wellness and spirituality programs, how they publicly portray these programs, and how the substance of these programs have changed over time.

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