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Office of Undergraduate Research

2014 Winners from the Undergraduate Research and Arts Exposition

2014 Undergraduate Research and Arts Exposition



Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

1st Place: Emily Burklow, “Descriptive Study of Variance in Psychological and Financial Wellbeing by Partnership Behavior among Low-Income Mothers”

2nd Place: Varshini Cherukupalli, “Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Charnia, Haryana, India: Analysis of Prevalence and Effective Strategies for Intervention”

3rd Place (tie): Olivia Foster-Gimbel, “Ethnicity, Objectification Theory, and Body Image Disturbance”

3rd Place (tie): Fortunato Medrano, “Hypothesis Testing and Problem Solving at a Children’s Museum”

Natural Sciences and Engineering

1st Place: Jeong Yun (John) Yang, “Novel Strategy for Anticancer Drug Synergy with Multidrug Resistance Protein Inhibitors”

2nd Place: Tae Heon Jeong, “Predictive Analytics For Depression Patients”

3rd Place: Ariel Melinger-Cohen, “Paragenesis and P-T-X Relationships in the Low-Grade Hydrothermal Metamorphism of the Copper-Bearing Ores of the Portage Lake Volcanic Series, Northern Michigan”

People’s Choice

Carly Haeck, “Increasing Body Image Satisfaction with a Web-Based Positive Psychological Intervention”



Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

1st Place: Maggie Smith, “Dimensions of Male Asexuality: Investigation of the Sexual Interests, Behaviors and Arousal Patterns of Asexual Males”

2nd Place: Hinasahar Muneeruddin, “Walking the Walk: Discrimination of Muslim-Americans and Racial Ethnic Minorities and Its Impact on Coping and Collective Action”

3rd Place: Leah Grodinsky, “Imaginary Companions & Identity: How Childhood Imaginary Companions Shape Our Adult Lives”

Natural Science and Engineering

1st Place: Yuliya Bandurovych, “Self-Report Treatment Profile: Healthcare Utilization among Knee Osteoarthritis and Low Back Pain Subjects”

2nd Place: Claire Morley, “Enriched Environment Attenuates Depressed Behavior of Genetic Animal Model of Depression”

3rd Place: Holden M. Faber, “Spontaneous Fluctuations of PO2 in the Rabbit Somatosensory Cortex”

People’s Choice

Juliette Pirpiris, “The Role of English in International Business: An Anthropological Study of Language in Business Culture”



Sofia Porter-Castro, “Flavors of Childhood: How Nostalgic Longing and Life Constraints Come Together to Inform the Foodways of Mexican Immigrants” in the Panel entitled: Assessing Health: Systems, Practices, and Perspectives



1st Place: Kerri Pang and Katherine Nagasawa, “The Great Khmer American Rapper” (documentary film)

2nd Place: Victoria Cano, “Converting to Bangladesh (play reading)

3rd Place: Natalie Houchins, “The Way” (play reading)

People’s Choice: Danya Sherbini, “Bloodlines: A Recent History (creative writing)