URG Final Reports

To close out your grant, you will need to submit a 2-page, single-spaced final report via the URG system.  You may use figures and/or images on a third page, if you want.  You will need to address the following areas – feel free to use separate headings for each.   

  1. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Please briefly describe your project.
  2. PROJECT PROGRESS: If your actual project differed from what you initially proposed, please describe how.
  3. PROJECT RESULTS: Please describe any key findings/results and what you expect to happen next with your project.
  4. ACADEMIC/ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT: Please describe any skills or experiences gained that you feel have been important in your academic or artistic development.
  5. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Please describe any personal growth that you have experienced during the grant period.

For Summer URGs, you will also need to include the dates of the 8 weeks that you worked on the grant (full time with no other commitments, as indicated grant acceptance that you signed). 

Your faculty sponsor will have to review and offer her/his endorsement of the final report to officially close out the grant.  Once you upload and submit your report through our online system, your faculty will get an automatic email notifying them along with their deadline (which is separate from yours).  Please note that your faculty may also request an additional final report more particular to your field; however, that request will be separate from this one and should be submitted to them (not OUR).  All URG students are required to submit a report addressing the five areas above.

You will receive an email from the Office of Undergraduate Research around the specific deadline to submit your report.  The AY URG deadline will be a couple of weeks before the end of the academic year in order to allow faculty time to enter their endorsements, and the Summer URG deadline will be before fall quarter begins.  Remember that your grant is not completed until this report is submitted and endorsed.  Failure to comply with terms of your grant may result in having to return the money. 

Please submit the report via URG SYSTEM.

In addition, Summer URG students are automatically enrolled in a 0-credit fall quarter GEN_LA course.  As long as you submit your final report and it gets endorsed, you will receive an "S" grade (satisfactory).  If you fail to submit your report or your faculty refuse to endorse it, you will receive a "U" grade (unsatisfactory).

If you have any questions, contact the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research.