Science Research Workshop

If you have questions about how to get started in lab-based research, the Science Research Workshop (SRW) program has been created just for you!  The workshop series will lead you through how to find an appropriate lab doing research that is interesting to you, how to learn to read and analyze scientific literature, how to work with faculty and other lab personnel, and how to potentially apply for grant funding for an independent project that you may develop with the lab.  You might need only some of those skills, or you might need them all).  Either way, the workshop will help prepare you for an engaging and impactful research experience.


The workshop will meet for 9 weeks in winter quarter, once a week on WEDNESDAYS 4:30 - 6:00 pm, from January 8 until March 18


SRW participants are better prepared to apply for and get a Summer Undergraduate Research Grant (Summer URG)! Summer URGs fund independent research projects.  If you don't feel ready to do an independent research this summer, you can use SRW to help prepare you for future projects or for funding for more research assistant type work through other programs.   


The Science Research Workshop is a joint project of the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Searle Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning.  Contact Evangeline Su for more information.



By the end of add/drop period for winter quarter 2018.

Registration opens November 13, 2017


First-year, sophomore, and junior undergraduates in any discipline and any school interested in doing lab-based science research in all fields.  

Natural Science and Engineering Research


What It Is: 

SRW is a zero-credit course for which you must register on CAESAR with the Registrar’s Office.  The course number is GEN_LA 190-0 and follows the Registrar’s rules about adding and dropping a course.

It will run weekly in winter quarter, and it will address topics such as examining your interests, finding and reviewing relevant literature (with guidance from faculty), identifying and communicating with appropriate faculty, building the mentoring relationship, developing skills reading primary literature (peer-reviewed journal articles), identifying and thinking through methods (with guidance from faculty), and potentially helping to prepare a solid proposal for a Summer URG (if you and your lab can identify an appropriate independent project for the summer) or pursuing other research options for the summer and beyond.


What It Isn't: 

As a 0-credit course, SRW's GEN_LA 190-0 does not count towards your 4 or 5 course limit. 


The workshop will meet in the winter quarter, once a week on Wednesdays 4:30 - 6:00 pm, from January 10 until March 14.


The workshop will meet in the new 560 Lincoln 1st floor classroom!


Email Evangeline Su for more information or to be added to the SRW email list,