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Exploring the Quaker Spiritual Search Through Poetry

Note: This proposal is several years old and is formatted in a way that is not necessarily a good model for current proposals. I.e., it does not include citations and is not a full two pages single spaced with one inch margins. It is included, however, as an example of research in a creative major.

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This information applies to students receiving grants from the Office of Undergraduate Research. If you are an Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP) student or faculty, please see the page ... to in our office). If you do not respond to emails from the Office of Undergrad Research or submit paperwork ...
The Logarithmic Sobolev Inequality

(NOTE: Do not use this sample proposal as a formatting model. Current and future URG applications must be 2 pages single spaced with 1 inch margins, and the use of internal headings is discouraged.) The topic of my project is the logarithmic Sobolev inequality, an inequality for a certain type of integral which has numerous applications in both pure and applied mathematics—including partial differential equations, mathematical statistics, and quantum mechanics. In the course of my research, I will attempt to develop a new proof of this inequality, based on a special integration by parts formula. Such a proof will yield a hitherto unknown approach to the study of the logarithmic Sobolev inequality, as well as that of a family of related inequalities. It may thereby lead to advances in the areas of math and science where these inequalities are applied. Moreover, my project will give me additional experience doing research in analysis, a field in which I am considering specializing in my future career.

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Not Just For Kids: The Advantages of Adult Play

In a child’s world, nearly everything seems related to play. Every new person, sound, and object is somehow exciting and captivating, and it is from this stimulation that the child develops new cognitive capacities and builds interpersonal relationships. As such, an entire field of psychology is dedicated to studying child play and the ways in which it contributes to psychologically and physically healthier children (Ginsburg, 2007; Vygotsky, 1967). Research among adults, however, is limited and inconclusive. Many news articles, blogs, and self-help books have attempted to inspire awareness on the subject, declaring that adult play is almost nonexistent and deserves attention. Yet adult play research continues to be underrepresented in psychology. The aim of the current proposal is to examine the types of structured ‘play’ or leisure activities adults commonly engage in, and compare them to the less structured and imaginative play most often performed by children. I propose that, just as imaginative play builds cognitive and social resources in children, it continues to do so in adulthood.

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of Undergraduate Research's perspective, this report is not intended to serve as a full write-up of your ... your field.  We need a summary of your project findings and your experience doing the research.  You ... happens next? You will receive an email from the Office of Undergraduate Research around the specific ...
grant monies differently than you proposed.   A. Research-Related Expense Term Explanations Consumable Materials are items that will be used up in the research process and can’t be re-used later, ... restrictions, such as no more than $100. Research Subject Compensation is for when you are paying people ...
the Beckman Scholars Program. Beckman Scholars conduct laboratory research for two summers and one academic ... of the foundation is to make grants to non-profit research institutions to promote research in chemistry ... and materials that will open up new avenues of research in science."   What It Is:  The minimum time ...
Conference Travel Grants CTGs fund 50% of your expenses (up to $500) to present your research ... can help you communicate your research findings, network with other researchers, and expand your understanding of the scope and nature of academic research.  Plus, it is great experience in learning ...
Maori Fourth Cinema: The Influence of Gender on Community Representation in the Filmmaking of Barry Barclay and Merata Mita

Indigenous communities across the globe have used film as an effective medium for resistance and a way to tell their own stories. The Maori of New Zealand have produced a strong film industry that embodies community, collaboration, and reciprocity to empower their people. I plan to research how the personal experiences of Maori filmmakers Barry Barclay and Merata Mita have influenced their application of community in their films. I will focus on the role gender plays in community representation in their filmmaking processes and how their legacies inspire young Maori in the New Zealand film industry today. I want to explore under represented filmmaking communities to better understand my own struggles as a biracial filmmaker and to advocate for minority representation in media.

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Low-Effort Sensing Methodologies for Crowdsourcing

Large-scale crowdsourcing systems such as SeeClickFix, FixMyCity, and FixMyStreet uese everyday citizens to sense the physcial environment, by asking them to report potholes, graffiti and non-functioning street lights in the community [8,9,10]. The data benefits researchers and city planners who cannot otherwise collect it without resorting to expensive surveys or machine sensing systems. While many similar systems exist for measuring pyscial space [1,6,7], all exhibit a tradeoff between user participation, data coverage, and data fidelity.

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