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Office of Undergraduate Research

IPR Summer Undergraduate Research Program

What does it mean to be a researcher? While classes and coursework might peak interest in graduate school or a future career in policy, students are often removed from day-to-day research activities, such as designing and implementing a study. And so the Summer Undergraduate Research Assistants Program at the Institute for Policy Research, now in its 13th year, brings students in to work directly with cutting-edge researchers on their projects.

Basic Information
Contact Name: 
Cynthia Kendall
Phone Number: 
Contact Email: 
Undergraduate Involvement
Specific Dates Involved: 
Begins third week in June – runs for 10 weeks
$10 hour
Application Information
Required Skills/Prerequisites: 
Selection will be based on the students record, the faculty members’ proposed research, and the proposed role of the student in that research.
Preferred Skills: 
Proposals for undergraduates to participate in field research, survey design, and administration, or statistical analysis will receive equal consideration.
Application Requirements: 
Applications should include a cover letter, NU transcript and resume that describes the applicants education, work experience and relevant computer skills. The application process begins in winter (usually mid-February).
Applications are due in late March each year. See the website in January for specific dates.