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  • Advanced Materials Lab

    Research in the Advanced Materials Lab ranges from developing a fundamental understanding of new materials to working with industries to apply advanced materials to new products.  The main thrusts of the lab has been polymer nanocomposites and shape memory alloys, however recent work has also  focused on biomaterials and biomimetic structures using graphene oxide.  Undergrads play a central role in the lab, fabricating and testing samples as well as devising new research projects.  This is evidenced by the fact that several undergraduate researchers from the lab

  • Advanced Russian Language & Area Studies

    This program offers core Russian language classes as well as Russian-taught area studies courses at either Moscow International University, Russian State Pedagogical University (Gertsen Institute) in St.

  • Amaral Lab

    Complex systems have interacting parts that exhibit more properties or behaviors on a whole than are apparent from examining the parts separately.

  • Aphasia and Neurolinguistics Research Laboratory: Studies of Language and the Brain

    Research in the Aphasia and Neurolinguistics Research Laboratory examines language processing and production in healthy volunteers and patients with stroke-induced or primary progressive aphasia (PPA). Of particular interest is charting language breakdown and recovery patterns based on what is known about normal language processing and representation. These patterns provide blueprints for clinical protocols and address the utility of this translational approach for studying language disorders.

  • Arcadia Center for Hellenic, Mediterranean, and Balkan Studies

    The Arcadia Center offers a wide variety of courses that delve into Greek history, politics and culture. The program offers small classes, close contact with professors and the opportunity to live in a Greek neighborhood. In the Greek Key Seminar required of all program participants, students in Athens will engage in directed field exploration, or volunteer at a local organization. The program also offers for-credit internships at local businesses and NGO's. 

  • Arcadia University: Universitá degli Studi di Salento in Lecce

    The program focuses on intensive Italian language study in conjunction with a variety of English-taught content courses at the University's nationally-renowned Centro Linguistico di Ateneo.  The program also provides advanced students with the unique opportunity to enroll in Italian-taught courses alongside Italian and international students at the Università del Salento.All students are eligible to receive a Co-Curricular Learning Certificate, a record of their non-academic co-curricular and extra-curricular learning experiences.  The CLC will list the student’s engagement in pro

  • Archaeology Laboratory

    Analysis of artifacts from prehistoric and historic archaeological sites.  Archaeological science, particularly micro analysis in archaeology: soil chemistry, microartifact analysis, paleoethnobotany, ceramic thin sections.

  • Auditory Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory

    Hearing impairment is the most common sensory defect affecting millions of people ranging from newborns to elderly.  Causes of hearing impairment are often associated with defects in inner ear hair cells.

  • Auditory Research Laboratory

    Our group is interested in understanding the biomechanics of the inner ear and applying this knowledge towards improving the diagnosis of hearing loss and other diseases of the ear. Undergraduates participate in experiments and data analysis.

  • Barry Farrell Summer Experiential Learning Awards

    Each year the department provides financial support to allow sophomore or junior political science majors to engage in summer experiential learning that is related to their political science studies. Experiences could include an internship or work with a non-profit public service organization. Support is not provided for undergraduate research or for professional development oriented work experiences.