International Projects

This information is for undergraduate students who are thinking about applying or who have been awarded grants from Northwestern and whose projects include international travel.


For Everyone

To minimize health and safety risks, the University links approval of undergraduate international travel to U.S. Department of State (DOS) Travel Advisories. If you are considering a trip abroad for undergraduate research, first read the Travel Advisory for your destination. If the U.S. DOS rating for your destination is Level 3 - Reconsider Travel or Level 4 - Do Not Travel, you must seek approval from Northwestern before your funding can be released. Contact Beth Osterlund in NU’s Office of Global Safety and Security (OGSS) in the early planning stages of your trip to discuss your formal request for travel permission.


For URG Applicants

Supplemental Travel Funds for Summer Undergraduate Research Grants (Summer URGs) and Academic Year Undergraduate Research Grants (AY URGs) ONLY:

  • If you plan to travel internationally to conduct your project, you will recieve half the cost of your airfare in addition to the $3500 of a SURG or $1000 of an AYURG.
  • This extra travel money for your flight must be requested in your application, not after the grant is awarded to you. This timing is important because the review committee needs to know up front how many students are requesting travel money.
  • To request travel funds when you apply, include a budget listing the anticipated cost of your roundtrip international airfare as an appendix to your proposal. You will be eligible to receive up to 50% of the cost of the flight (on top of the regular grant amount).  This supplement cannot be used by students travelling to their home country.


for ULG recipients

If you are interested in transferring any academic credit for your summer language study to Northwestern, you will need to complete the NU Study Abroad application. The deadline for 2019 summer programs is Sunday, February 10th. If you have questions about whether your program qualifies for Northwestern credit, please contact Jessica Fetridge, Assoc. Director of Study Abroad (

If your NU Study Abroad application is approved and you confirm your intent to study abroad for academic credit, you must complete all study abroad pre-departure requirements before your grant funding can be released. When you have completed these requirements you will be sent a confirmation email, which you must then forward to the ULG coordinator, Megan Novak Wood:


If you do not intend to apply for academic credit for your intensive summer language study, you still need to complete the four health and safety pre-departure requirements listed on the Office of Global Safety and Security website (see below). You will not receive your grant money until we receive an email confirmation from the Office of Global Safety and Security confirming that you have completed all four steps. This email should be forwarded to the ULG coordinator, Megan Novak Wood:


potential additional Funding for summer International Research


The Buffett Institute for Global Studies is partnering with the Office of Undergraduate Research to provide funding to support international research and foreign language acquisition in the following areas: 


Buffett Supplemental Grant Funding:

Provides limited funding in addition to a standard URG for undergraduates to complete or enhance an international research project that explores contemporary global issues, up to $2000 per grant.


Keyman Fund for Turkish Studies and Turkish Language:

The Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program will provide limited funding for research projects on Turkey or for the study of Turkish language in Turkey.


Crown Family Fund for Research in the Middle East:

This Crown family fund will provide limited support for research projects in the Middle East.


Funds will be awarded based on merit and in alignment with funding priorities, in conjunction with URG and ULG review processes.

To become eligible for this funding, apply through the regular Summer URG or ULG processes.  In your budget, indicate your full expected financial need.  There is no separate application needed, and you will be contacted directly if awarded additional funding.



All grant recipients whose plans include international travel are required to complete Northwestern’s health and safety pre-departure requirements at least two weeks before traveling abroad.  When you have completed them all you will receive an email confirmation from the Office of Global Safety and Security. You must then forward that email to us at the Office of Undergraduate Research: for ULGs and for URGs.

  • Your grant cannot be processed and paid to you until you complete all the health and safety pre-departure requirements and we receive a copy of your confirmation email from the Office of Global Safety and Security.
  • Grants can only be paid on the last day of the month, and this requires that a mid-month payroll deadline is met. The earlier that you complete the pre-departure requirements, the quicker we can start processing your payroll paperwork so that you can receive your funding. 
  • Your Travel Registry must be complete at least two weeks before your departure, or your grant could be revoked.



Don’t hesitate to contact the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research.