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Office of Undergraduate Research

Humanities Research Workshops

“Research makes you powerful and awesome.  It does this by helping you realize that questions have answers and problems have solutions.  Research is the application of all the skills the liberal arts profess to teach.  If my education is to do more than make me highly suggestible to abstract or obscure ideas, it must involve research.”  HRW Participant

Have you ever thought of getting involved in research, but had no idea what that actually meant?  What is research if you aren't in a lab or at some field site?  What does it mean to do research if you are in the humanities or the creative arts?

Well, we want to help!  It is not always obvious for humanities and creative arts students how to get involved in research (or even that research applies to them - which it does).  HRW  is designed to give you the key knowledge you need to get started.  There are two parts of our program: one virtual (Learn Anytime) and one live (Workshops).

Learn Anytime

The Adventures of Grant Man

We just finished a 7 episode comic web series, designed to show students how to get started creating their own projects.  It is called "The Adventures of Grant Man." 

Informational Videos

A few years ago, we filmed the first series of HRW, and these workshops have been edited by the fabulous people at NUAMPS into a series of short videos for your consuming pleasure.  We have since expanded the videos series.  There are two main types: research resources and research in specific areas.  The "Research In..." series explains what type of research is done in different fields and how to get started as an undergrad.  You can go watch them here


There are four videos in the Research Resources series.  The first one "How To Get Involved" should be watched by everyone.  It explains how to get started and what questions you will want to answer for yourself moving forward.  The second "Library Resources" qucikly demonstrates the incredible support and materials available within Northwestern's library system.  Take advantage of the resources that are there for you!  The third video "International Research" is for people who are considering travel as a part of their research.  It offers many helpful hints about that process.  The final video in this series concerns the Institutional Review Board or "IRB."  This video is for anyone who plans to do research that includes other people, such as through interviews, surveys, or discussion groups.  It outlines the process involved in receiving clearance for that type of work.


Creating Summer Projects

In winter quarter, we will hold a short series of information sessions specifically for humanities and creative arts students to offer advice and guidance about how to put together your own summer project.  Check back then for more info on them!